Learning Spanish Reading: Introduction to Common Spanish Proverbs

by HeJiang Peng on Mar 30, 2023

Learning Spanish Reading: Introduction to Common Spanish Proverbs VORMOR

Like Chinese, Spanish also has common proverbs in Spanish countries. To learn Spanish, proverbs are a must. When you study abroad in Spain, learning proverbs will be of great help to your daily life. 

The details are as follows:

16 Spanish proverbs:

       Buscarunaagujaenunpajar. A needle in a haystack.
  Buenoeshablar, peromejorescallar. Silence is golden/Speaking is good, but silence is better.
  Cuatroojosvenmásquedos. Three cobblers, one Zhuge Liang.
  Ojosquenoven, corazónquenosiente. Out of sight, out of mind.
  Detalpalo, talastilla. Like father, like son.
  Verparacreer. Seeing is believing.
  Cuando el río suena, aguatrae. No wind, no waves.
  Aríorevuelto, ganaciade pescadores. Fishing in troubled waters.
  Alquemadruga, Diosloayuda. The early bird gets the food.
  Atarlosperrosconlonganiza. There are no pies in the sky.
  Cuandolas ranas críen pelos. When the sun comes out in the west.
  Dondelasdan, lastoman. Evil comes around.
  Launión hacelafuerza. Unity is strength.
  oque viene fácil, fácil seva. Easy come, easy go.
  Nohaymalqueporbiennovenga. Keep the clouds open to see the moon.
  Quererespoder. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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