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Practical and interesting learning method

por HeJiang Peng en Mar 23, 2023

Today I will summarize a set of super practical learning methods for you. Learning this matter is really a lifelong matter. Whether you are in school when you are young or you are working when you grow up, people have to keep learning and absorbing new things and information. So this set of learning methods can be used in later life.

First of all, before talking about the learning method, let's talk about the state of learning . Because only when you enter the focused learning mode, can you study more efficiently. Many people go to the library to study for 6 hours. In fact, the effective time for real study is only about 2 hours, or even shorter.

And how to achieve the state of focused learning?

Work preparation before study must be done well :

(1) Study place: Study in a quiet place , which can be a study room or a coffee shop, but in any case, reduce environmental interference. Never overestimate your willpower and ability to resist interference.

(2) Emotional problems: If you just had a quarrel with your friends, or just finished playing an exciting game, or you were lucky enough to win a lottery, when these things cause your emotional ups and downs , it is difficult for you to enter into concentrated study State, the brain will think about these things before. At this time, you need to go for a walk, listen to light music, adjust your emotions, let your brain and heart return to a normal state, and then go to study.

(3) Interference problem : put everything that has nothing to do with learning far away , such as mobile phones. Mobile phone interference is the most important. If you really need to find information on your mobile phone, you can use the learning management app to help you lock other apps so that other apps won't interfere with you.

When you have done all the above, you can enter a state of focused learning. At this time, with the following efficient learning methods, you can greatly increase your learning efficiency. After all, the learning status is just for you to have a good start, and the learning method is the key point.

Efficient learning methods:

1. Feynman learning method


After learning a piece of knowledge, use your own language to fluently tell it to others, or tell it to yourself, so that you can understand it again. In the process of telling, you come back to learn when you encounter stuck and unsmooth places, and then talk about them, so that the cycle of learning continues. As the saying goes , teaching is the best learning . When you teach him, it means that you fully understand the content. It is equivalent to turning passive learning into active learning, and output is forced to input . This is also a learning method I highly recommend!

Scott Young, a top student in Canada, also used the Feynman learning method to study at home for 12 months, and completed 33 computer courses at MIT that would take 4 years for an ordinary top student.

2. Mind Mapping

Mind maps can help us compress knowledge information and extract key words . Its power is not to help you remember, but to help you overcome misunderstandings in learning and application. Many people's learning methods are just reading the description of knowledge, figuring out the meaning, repeating it and then memorizing it, but this process is just using the reading and memory ability of the human brain, creating the illusion of learning, but in fact it is just understanding The feeling, and not learning.

With the mind map, you no longer just memorize knowledge and examples, but first write a keyword, and then think of many examples based on this keyword to diverge your thinking, which is equivalent to compressing knowledge. Express the information with the relationship of affiliation and hierarchy to make the disordered state of knowledge orderly, and then establish memory links through images, colors, symbols, etc., so as to build its own knowledge framework.

The strongest point of the mind map is to split knowledge , it can use as few examples as possible to find the most common relationship. Therefore, the mind map can be applied to the new knowledge you just learned to split the knowledge, and it can also be applied to the knowledge you have learned to split. Use thinking divergence and related associations to find more knowledge, reclassify the knowledge to find the rules, and then integrate it into new knowledge. Therefore, mind mapping is a very powerful learning method and the most widely applicable method, whether it is high school or high school . , University, or office workers are very suitable for this method!

3. Memory method

After each class or learning new knowledge, first recall what you have learned today , and don't quit the learning state immediately. In fact, we use the memory method in many aspects of our lives. For example, when you watch a movie and someone asks you about the plot, you will show the movie again in your mind, and then tell the general plot.

In fact, it is also easy to explain. The recall method is actually to help you sort out your thoughts, so that you can go through the knowledge you have learned today, and some loopholes will come out. At this time, you need to fix the loopholes and let yourself learn today. Learn to understand as clearly as possible. It is recommended here that when recalling, don’t just use your brain to think, but also write down what you recall with your hands, so as to better deepen your impression. This is the best way to review.

The recall method is more like a learning habit, but if you keep this habit, recall what you have learned today every night, and accumulate over time, you will find that memory is not an obstacle to learning, and learning is actually very enjoyable.


The above are the three great learning methods I have been using. In addition, I would like to share three tips to help you study more efficiently

1. Maintain a good sleep schedule

Brain repair and generation of neurons are completed during sleep. The best sleep time for people is related to deep sleep. The general deep sleep time is from 0:00 to 3:00 in the morning. Deep sleep takes about an hour, so the best sleep time is around eleven o'clock. Deep sleep can restore various functions of the human body, and it can also make you have a good energy to study the next day.

2. Do the learning list: do the difficult ones first and then the easy ones

This technique is to make a list of learning tasks, put the subjects that you think are the most difficult first, and the easiest subjects at the end, so that you will learn more and more easily, and you will not learn more and more difficult. The restless situation behind.

3. Alternate Learning

Divide the study time into several sections, and each section corresponds to different subjects. Physiological research shows that the left and right divisions of the human brain are different, and the brain areas used for learning different subjects are different: the left side of the brain focuses on logic and abstract thinking, and the right side of the brain focuses on logic and abstract thinking. The half of the brain focuses on thinking in images. Learning different subjects alternately can ensure that the brain will not feel tired from learning and improve learning efficiency.

The above is summed up based on my own life experience and books, I hope it will be useful to you.

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