If the sun goes out quietly, is there any hope for human beings to survive? life will enter the countdown VORMOR

If the sun goes out quietly, is there any hope for human beings to survive? life will enter the countdown

par HeJiang Peng sur Mar 24, 2023

If the sun goes out quietly, is there any hope for human beings to survive?

In this question, the word "quietly" is particularly important, because the sun, as a star, will not silently misfire. At the end of its life, it will release huge energy to destroy the earth's ecology. It is called a "helium flash", and then the volume will expand rapidly, and eventually even the earth will be engulfed in it. Under such a vigorous curtain call performance by the sun, it is naturally impossible for human beings to survive, so we need a hypothesis, assuming that the helium flash and expansion will not happen, and the sun will disappear quietly like that, then whether human beings will survive What about the hope of survival?

When the sun just goes out, we will not notice it immediately, because there is a distance of 149.6 million kilometers between the earth and the sun, and the speed of light is 299792458 meters per second, so it takes about 8 minutes for the sun's light to reach the earth time.

Since the sun we see is the sun 8 minutes ago, we can continue to enjoy the sun for 8 minutes after the sun quietly goes out. After 8 minutes, the darkness will suddenly fall. Facing the sudden catastrophe, what we most want to do is to talk to our relatives and friends, so we must hurry up, because the communication will be cut off soon.

The extinction of the sun will directly cause various satellites and spacecraft to lose their energy sources, because most of them rely on solar energy for charging.

The loss of energy sources for satellites and spacecraft will directly affect some communications, but not all, because mobile phones, telephones, and radio broadcasts do not need to rely on satellites, so we will not be blinded, and we can still understand information from the outside world to know what happened. Knowing that the sun has gone out, it shouldn't be a surprise to see the ensuing drop in temperature. The sun is the only source of energy for the earth. After losing the sun's illumination, the global temperature will drop rapidly. It won't take long before you can skate on the sea.

The temperature drop at the beginning is still within an acceptable range, which is similar to that of previous cold winters, but after a month, the average surface temperature will drop below minus 40 degrees, which will be unbearable and cannot last for a long time Stay outside.

Due to the heat preservation effect of the atmosphere, the temperature drop rate will not be too exaggerated, but after a year, the surface temperature will still drop below minus 100°C, and the earth will become a veritable ice-bound planet. If it's just a drop in temperature, humans can still stay in underground shelters, but now there is another more serious problem before them.

The sun is the only source of energy for the earth, and the basis for the survival of any living organism is to absorb energy. Without the source, the energy that living organisms can absorb will become less and less.

Plants solidify the energy in sunlight through photosynthesis, and then herbivores obtain energy by eating plants, and carnivores then eat herbivores to obtain energy. After the sun goes out, plants cannot perform photosynthesis and will gradually wither. The collapse of the bottom food chain will directly lead to the collapse of the entire food chain, so plants and animals will become fewer and fewer until they are completely extinct. At this point, human beings will have no food source.

The lack of food is fatal, but the most fatal problem is not this, but oxygen.

Oxygen did not exist on the earth from the beginning. At the beginning of the formation of the earth, there was no oxygen, so there was no life. Oxygen was produced by the first algae through photosynthesis. After the sun disappears, plants cannot carry out photosynthesis, and the oxygen will gradually decrease until it disappears. Without oxygen, there is really no hope of survival. So even if the sun goes out quietly, it is difficult for human beings to survive with the power of technology, and all life will enter the countdown. Fortunately, none of this is going to happen, at least not for the next few billion years.

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