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World Autism Day: Together we care for the "children of the stars"

par HeJiang Peng sur Apr 02, 2023

April 2, 2023 is the 16th World Autism Day. Children with autism, known as "children of the stars," have social impairments, narrow interests, or stereotyped behaviors. In the early stage of autism, parents can find abnormalities through some behaviors of their children. Among them, there are mainly five kinds of behaviors that can be used as the basis for identifying autism, usually referred to as "five nos" behaviors. For children with autism, the earlier it is discovered and the earlier intervention is started, the better the effect.

How to judge whether children have autism tendency through "five no" behaviors?

  1. Say nothing or say less

Children with autism may be no different from other children at birth, but  after the age of 1, they do not know how to interact with the people around them . They can't even express their feelings and needs in words. After growing up, he often talks to himself, or some meaningless language appears.

  2. Not referring or less referring

  Children lack proper body movements, and when they reach the sensible stage, they can't point to things with their fingers. Even if they are very interested in things, they can't make requests, and they can't express their needs by nodding or shaking their heads.

  3. Do not watch or watch less

  This refers to abnormal eye contact. Children with autism have the performance of avoiding other people's eyes in the early stage, even they are very cold to their parents. In addition, they are not interested in other people's voices, have difficulty concentrating, and often have erratic eyes.

  Fourth, should not or less should

  Children are closed to certain sounds. For example, they will turn a deaf ear to their parents' calls, and they will not respond sensitively to their names, as if they cannot hear them. In addition, they may also be afraid of certain sounds, such as the sound of wind, cooking, and airplanes.

  5. Misconduct

  This refers to the inappropriate use of items and related abnormal perceptions, such as being only obsessed with toys that one is particularly interested in, repeatedly turning on and off the faucet, and repeatedly opening and closing the door.

  • Today is World Autism Day
  • let us have more respect
  • more acceptance
  • light a lamp with love
  • warm their world

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